Birra Beba

Since 1996, the beer from Villar Perosa, artisanally produced according to the precepts of the German “Purity Decree” dating back to 1516, with only water, malted barleycorns, hops, yeast. Beba’s beer is subjected to no treatment at all: no carbon dioxide added, no preservatives or antioxidants, not filtered, not pasteurised.
The pure mountain water from the source of the river Chisone, the superior quality of the raw materials and a carefully calibrated manufacturing process are the bases for Beba’s excellent beers, top- and bottom-cropping, and long maturation.

Lager 4,8% Vol.; 33 cl or 50 cl bottle

Bière Blanche 4,5% Vol.; 50 cl bottle

Molto Malto
Double Malt Lager 7% Vol.; 50 cl bottle

Double Malt Amber Ale 6,8% Vol.; 33 cl or 50 cl bottle

Fifteen Years
Lager 10% Vol.; 50 cl bottle

Alba Birrificio Artigianale

The brewery was born in 2014 in Guarene, a hamlet between the province of Cuneo and the town of Asti. Every beer maintains the body and substance of the raw materials intact, as no mechanic filtration or pasteurization is applied. The clearness of the product is obtained through the natural precipitation of the yeast and the heavy particles during the process of fermentation. The refermentation in bottles naturally develops the beer’s fizz.

Golden Ale 5,5% Vol.; 33 cl or 75 cl bottle

Bière Blanche 4,8% Vol.; 33 cl or 75 cl bottle

Belgian Red 7,5% Vol.; 33 cl or 75 cl bottle