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zeppole & grignolino 27/09/2017:
zeppole & grignolino
(Zeppole & Grignolino! Stuffed "zeppole" and a special wine every week... guess which! Wednesday, September 27, from 6:30 PM)

zeppole: al forno 20/09/2017:
zeppole: baked!
(Zeppole: baked! Stuffed "zeppole" and a special wine every week. Wednesday, September 20, from 6:30 PM)

Zeta 13/09/2017:
zed as in zeppole
(Zed as in Zeppole: stuffed "zeppole" and a special wine every week. Wednesday, September 13, from 6:30 PM)

zeppole: al forno 06/09/2017:
zeppole wednesdays
(Starting September 6, "Zeppole Wednesdays": stuffed zeppole and a different wine every week)

bollegrill 08/07/2017:
(Saturday, July 8, from 6:30 PM: Bollegrill - bubbles at the autogrill. Selected sparkling wines and the legendary Autogrill sandwiches remade with prime ingredients)

miss dado 21/05/2017:
drunch with miss dado
(Sunday, May 21, from 3:30 to 8 PM: the Drunch is back with tempting friends! Our guest is Miss Dado)

un anno 02/04/2017:
one year of quadre
(Sunday, April 2, from 4 to 7 PM: one year of Quadre! Aperitif with 20 labels from our cave and a buffet offered for free to depletion)

wineat 22/03/2017:
((it) Il 22 e il 23 marzo la presentazione ufficiale di Wineat: un gruppo di sei enocucine torinesi. Dalle 19 alle 20:30, degustazione di Franciacorta in abbinamento a pane burro e acciughe!)

drunch con "gomme da riciclare" 05/03/2017:
drunch with “gomme da riciclare”
(Sunday, March 5th, from 4 to 7 PM: Drunch with the creations by "Gomme da Riciclare". And naturally, food, wine, infusions and fruit juices...)

drunch 05/02/2017:
(On February 5, the Drunch is back! From 2 to 5 PM: sweets and salties, fruit juices and infusions, coffee... and of course a glass of wine is always there)