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We do not invite each other to simply eat and drink, but to eat and drink together. (Plutarch)


Quadre is a restaurant of course. But we do not settle for putting a plate in front of you. Food is a form of language: the ingredients are the words, the cooking is the punctuation, but the story is told by the way we eat. This is why our motto is “food, re-read”.

Our menu will always include an off menu course. But it will be a special “off menu”. It will be a revised, sometimes re-elaborated, recipe taken from a novel, a tale, a film. It will be a way to tell you another story. Hemingway’s rabbit stew? Fannie Flagg’s fried green tomatoes? Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts cupcakes? You can taste something you have read, or read something you have tasted. Or perhaps you will make us read something you would like to taste!

The “regular” menu too will respect our wish to tell you the story of what you eat. We will choose for you natural and seasonal ingredients: never strawberries in December, never a lab-fabricated wine. Fruits, vegetables, the meat and fish, cold cuts and cheeses, even the flours, seedes and dried fruits have an identity of their own and they tell us the story of the territory where they were born, thanks to the careful work of the Taste Masters selected by Slow Food, such as Pescheria Gallina, Fontanacervo, I Binari del Gusto, Ditta Ceni. Our wines are natural, organic and in some cases biodynamic: not for a matter of image, but because these wines can tell you things that others, built on paper, could not narrate. For the same reason, our beers are integral: they tell of hops and passion, not of chemicals.

Quadre is one of the founders of Wineat – Enocucine a Torino, a club of establishments in Turin that have in common the passion for good wines and good food. The other members are Magazzino 52, Rossorubino, Sorij Nouveau, Tre Galli, Vinolento. By “enocucine” (“oeno-kitchens”) we mean the establishments wine is a key strength of, combined with food of equal value.

We are done telling you who we are. Now come tell us who you are!


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