an introduction to extra-virgin olive oil

The Association CiboCultura and Quadre await you for the second presentation of the extra-virgin olive oil, on Tuesday, March 12, starting at 6 PM.

Ancient farming traditions, still alive in our Country and in other olive oil producer Countries, allow us to taste an olive oil of outstanding quality. It is then imperative to enjoy it to the fullest, to demand a healthy, wholesome oil and to be fully informed about the quality of a product we love so much.

Marinella Calabrese, a certified taster, will introduce you to the magic world of extra-virgin olive oil, with its fragrance and scent and its endless features.

The cost is EUR 22.

An abstract of the programme:
– Taste and sample: the positive attributes of olive oil and the aromatic sensations, the twenty-one olfactory and retro-nasal scents.
– The geography of the scents in relationship with the production territories.
– How to attribute a score to the oil in order to understand its intensity.
– Hints about the flaws or negative attributes that can be found in oil due to climatic conditions, conservation, extraction or production.
– Oil-food couplings, depending on the fruity yield of the different oils, to exalt and convey the taste. We will taste some tapas, accompanied by a glass of wine.

For further information and clarifications, please e-mail or call 339 5261886.
For subscribing to the course, please e-mail

Naturally, at Quadre, in via Perugia 41, Turin.


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