Saturday, July 8, from 6:30 PM: Bollegrill – bubbles at the autogrill

Summer has come and we cannot wait to load up lock, stock and barrel and leave. One thing that can’t be missed during our long trips on the crippled and congested Italian motorways is the Autogrill!
Coffee for those who drive all night long as they chose the “smart start”. A breath of fresh air for the reckless youth who travel on the old Fiat Panda without air conditioning. The pee stop for the kids who are told “have a wee now, we’re not going to stop any more.”
sandwiches for all: because even the major gastronomy fops have eatwn, at least once in a lifetime, a Camogli or an Apollo although they are overpriced, always scorching hot on the outside and deep frozen inside, and although they have been always the same for decades!
So, if you haven’t left yet, if your departure is faraway, if you are already preparing your luggage but you need exercise, if you are leaving but not in a car and you think you’ll miss the most coveted stop on the Turin – Reggio Calabria… here for you, Bollegrill: bubbles at the autogrill! Only selected fizz and the beloved and hated autogrill sandwiches, reformulated with home-made bread and focaccia, hand-picked products, fresh vegetables and first-quality cold cuts.

The wines, to the glass:
Altemasi Trento doc 2012
Uberti Franciacorta “Francesco I”
Binner Cremant d’Alsace 2010
Chartogne-Taillet Champagne “Sainte Anne”

The sandwiches:
[Camogli] focaccia with ham and Fontina cheese
[Capri] whole grain rye focaccia with tomato, Mozzarella cheese and oregano (vegetarian)
[Rustico] semolina bread sandwich with bacon, Provola cheese, tomato and oregano
[Ischia] whole grain sandwich with aubergines, zucchini, asparagus, lettuce and tomato (vegan)

2 glasses + 2 sandwiches = EUR 15.00
4 glasses + 4 sandwiches = EUR 25.00

Saturday, July 8, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM.Naturally, at Quadre, in via Perugia 41, Turin.

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