the three b’s

friday, november 18, from 8:00 pm: bourguignonne, barbera, barbaresco

“The three B’s” is not a haute cuisine soiree or a tasting. We prefer you should feel like at home, time dictated only by chitchat with friends. We will propose excellent prime matters and it will be yours to “cook” them.

For our bourguignonne, only meats chosen by the Slow Food Master of Taste I Binari del Gusto, fresh vegetables from the farmers’ market at Porta Palazzo, and top natural wines from our cave.

Naturally, at Quadre, in via Perugia 41, Turin. Reservation would be appreciated, within November 17: +39 011 7650373 or

the prime matter:

  • 250 g veal and pork meat
  • Seasonal vegetables for your dip from the farmers’ market at Porta Palazzo
  • House Tiramisu

the wines:

A bottle every 2 persons, your choice between

  • Barbera Roddolo 2008, from the wineyards of Monforte d’Alba and the hands of one of the most interesting vintners in Piedmont. His 6 hectares, prevalently located on the Bricco Appiani hill, he produces about 25,000 bottles a year, and his wine was natural before it became a widespread method and mindset. A wine that hides itself at first and then flares with all its strength, with a lively tannin and red fruit and spicy notes on the nose.
  • Barbaresco “Elisa” 2012 Ada Nada, a family farm from Treiso, where since about 40 years, on 9 hectares of land, is produced among others the Barbaresco “Elisa”. The whole manufacturing is manual; Elisa has a ruby red colour foreboding spices and ripe fruit that the palate will confirm.

the choice:

  • 30.00 € per person with Barbera
  • 35.00 € per person with Barbaresco

Water, coffee and digestive included…

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