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In compliance with the guidelines of the attachments to the DPCM May 17 2020, we might be required to store the reservation data for a period of 14 days. Such data shall not be distributed to third parties and we will not treat them if not for the purpose of the aforementioned decree and by order of the authorities.

What are cookies (and similar technologies)

Cookies are small text files that websites visited by the user set in their terminal – computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc. – where they are stored, to be later sent back to the website on the next visit by the same user.
Navigating this Website, you might receive both cookies directly sent by our Website and managed by us, or cookies sent from different websites or web servers, and managed by third parties (third-party cookies.)
The Italian legislation (art. 122, D.Lgs. 196/03) implements an EU Directive that requires the websites that use cookies or other monitoring technologies to inform the user about the typology of any cookies used by the website. The Deliberation by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data, n. 229, May 8, 2014, published on the Official Gazette n. 126, June 3, 2014, divided cookies in two macro-categories: “technical” cookies, and “profiling” cookies.
This website uses no profiling cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are those used for the sole purpose of “effecting the transmission of a communication on an electronic communication network, or in as much as strictly necessary to the provider of an information society service, explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide such service” (art. 122, comma 1, of the Code). They are not used for any further purpose and are normally directly installed by the website owner or manager. They can be divided in navigation or session cookies, which guarantees normal navigation in and use of the Website (e.g. allowing to complete a purchase or authenticate for access to reserved areas); analytics cookies, assimilated to technical cookies where directly used by the website owner to collect information, in non-aggregated form, on the number of users and on how they visit the website itself; functionality cookies, that allow the user to navigate in function of a series of selected criteria (e.g., the language, the product selected for purchase) in order to improve the service. The installation of such cookies, as specified in the Document n. 2152939 by the Privacy Authority, does not require the previous and informed consent by the user (opt-in), whereas the obligation remains to inform the user in compliance with the art. 13 of the Code, and to offer simple ways to avoid installation (opt-out).

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are aimed at creating a profile of the user and are used for the purpose of sending advertising messages in line with the preferencesshown by the user when navigating on the Web. In reason of the invasiveness that such systems might have in the users’ privacy, the European and Italian laws require that the user be adequately informed concerning their use and express their informed consent. To this typology of cookies does art. 122 of the Code refer, whereas it provides that “the archiving of information in terminal device of a contracting party or user, or access to the information already archived, are allowed solely under the condition that the contracting party or user has expressed their consent after having been informed with the simplified modalityas per article 13, comma 3” (art. 122, comma 1, of the Code).

Third-party cookies

Cookies can either be first- or third-party, whereby “first party” are the cookies which domain is the same as the website, whereas “third party” cookies are related to an external website. Third-party cookies are necessarily installed by an external subject, always referred to as “third party”, not managed by the website. Such subjects may eventually install first-party cookies, saving their own cookies on the website’s domain. In the case of third-party cookies, the website has no direct control of individual cookies and cannot manage them (it cannot directly install them, nor can it uninstall them.) You may however manage these cookies by your browser’s settings (see the instructions reported below.)

This website

This website uses exclusively technical cookies, for the sole purpose of improving the navigation experience and the website’s usability, for example to select the visualization language. Among these there are some so-called Google Analytics “analytics” with obfuscsted IPs. They have exclusively a statistical purpose and they collect information in an aggregate form with the purpose of improving the navigation experience and the website usability. The navigation or session cookies instead offer the user assisted navigation. The Google Analytics policy is available at the address Should a visitor wish to opt out of the information related to their navigation and sent to Google Analytics, as specified in the document No. 2152939 by the Garante della Privacy (the Italian anti-trust authority: it is possible to install an opt-out browser add-on, available for the most modern browsers at the address

Accessing the section “Where & When” of this website, which includes the map, third-party cookies may be installed, namely by Google, Inc. All the information about the use of cookies by Google can be found at the address

You can manage your preferences through the browser

If you do not know the type and version of the browser you are using, you can use the browser’s “Help” function, from which you will be able to access all the necessary information. If you do know your browser, you can easily find how to set your cookie preferences. Below there are links to information pages for the most common browsers: click on the relevant link to access the respective information page.
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