purple savoy cabbage cream

…and everybody supped, unless it were some vain, conceited, dreaming dotard. Hence was a supper called coena, which showeth that it is common to all sorts of people. Thou knowest it well, Friar John. Come, let us go, my dear friend, in the name of all the devils of the infernal regions, let us go. The gnawings of my stomach in this rage of hunger are so tearing, that they make it bark like a mastiff. Let us throw some bread and beef into his throat to pacify him, as once the sibyl did to Cerberus. Thou likest best monastical brewis, the prime, the flower of the pot. I am for the solid, principal verb that comes after— the good brown loaf, always accompanied with a round slice of the nine-lecture-powdered labourer.

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Gargantua and Pantagruel, François Rabelais, 1532-1564

Purple Savoy cabbage and apple cream with veal morsels

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