drunch with libera

As The Cure say “Sundays always come too late”.

Sunday for us: relax after a stressful week… or to overcome Friday’s and Saturday’s hangover 😉

And how to relax? Home alone? Home with parents? Home with the cat the dog the plants? No…

Staying with friends, laughing, listening to good music, eating and drinking? Way better.

At Quadre we do Drunch: drunk + brunch.

But what’s Drunch?

You can have a sweet or salted snack. If you woke up late, the classic Brunch too, but you might call it breakfast. Come alone and relax reading a book or the papers; bring your friends and spend your Sunday here leisurely, with no dishes and glasses to wash or chores to do. If you are an early bird instead, perhaps you had lunch with family… we wait for you to have a glass of wine, that’s never missing here, on the sofa… if you come early enough 😉

And there will always be a guest to spend the Sunday with us.

The options:

Sweet snack cake or pancakes + yoghurt with cereal / seeds / fruits) 5.00
Salted snack (quiche with baked vegetables, or scrambled eggs with bacon) € 5.00
Blends € 3.00
Citrus squeezes € 2.50
“Le Tisane di Melissa” infusions € 3.00
American coffee and water at will

From 4 to 9 PM.

The guest for Sunday, December 4 is Libera

We have always paid great attention to the prime matter and its provenance. This Sunday we wish to give the floor to the produce from the cooperatives of Libera Terra, founded for the social and economic reclamation of the land confiscated to the mafias, and bringing to our table products with great value, promoting a virtuous economic system based upon legality and justice.
We will introduce for tasting two wines produced by the cooperatives in Sicily: Placido Rizzotto Bianco (white) and Placido Rizzotto Rosso (red), both certified organic: the first is a blend of Grillo, Cataratto, Inzolia and Trebbiano, the second an easy- tasting red and a blend of Nero d’Avola, Perricone and Syrah.
It will be possible to buy the bottles, and the other products from Libera, thanks to Libera Piemonte‘s volunteers who will be there with us.

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