merenda sinoira

september 24 and 25, from 6 pm to midnight: merenda sinoira

The Valley of the Loire is one of the most interesting wine-producing regions of France. Extended over a rather ample territory with diverse environmental features, it produces various styles of wines, reds and whites, rosé and sparkling, and even sweet wines.

The Chenin Blanc, one the most important varietals from the valley, is able to develop wines of great class and longevity.

Domaine Huet is an undisputed star of the Vouvray denomination. Founded in 1928 by Victor Huet, the winery now covers 35 hectares, entirely planted with Chenin Blanc and divided into three farmsteads. A huge follower of biodynamic culture and of the valorisation of the territory, Domaine Huet aspires to present wines that synthesize the character of the wine and the crop. The Clos du Bourg is a 6-hectare wineyard encircled by a stone wall and is in direct contact with calcareous rock. Its making is very traditional: the must ferments in oak barrels, the fermentation develops for about 2 months and is activated exclusively by indigenous yeasts.

Domaine du Clos Naudin produces 5 types of wine, corresponding to selections and not to lot denominations. The first crops are destined to the Vouvray sec. Clos Naudin’s wines are characterised by the strong malic acidity, the wine’s spinal column, that gives complexity and guarantees a long aging.

Domaine St. Nicolas, founded in 1960 a few kilometres from the Atlantic Ocean, contributes to define the unique characteristics of the area’s wines. The land and the ocean are joined since 1995 by the biodynamic philosophy, to complete the complexity of these wines. Absent, both in the yard and the cave, are herbicides, fertilisers and synthetic chemicals, substituted for biodynamic compounds and herb-based preparations. The grape harvest is done entirely by hand; selections of the must and partial maceration on the rinds precede the fermentation, that happens with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks.


The wines by these producers will be available for tasting on September 24th and 25th at Merenda Sinoira, offered by Quadre and by I Binari del Gusto, the butcher shop in via Nizza, Turin, honoured with the title of Master of Taste by Slow Food and the Chamber of Commerce of Turin. Masters of Taste are the farmers and artisans who, lending value to the territory and its traditions, recognise the need for an informed, quality-conscious consumption. Paolo from BdG will choose the products for your tasting. Triple “A” also collaborates in the organisation.

In addition to Saturday, on the event of the Salone del GusTo Quadre will exceptionally be open on Sunday, same hours.

the options:

Domaine Huet, Vouvray Clos du Bourg 2011 sec (glass): 6 €

Domaine Saint Nicolas, Le Haut des Clous 2012 (glass): 4 €

Domaine du Clos Naudin, Vouvray 2014 sec (glass): 5 €

Selection of cold cuts and cheeses: 12 €


For this occasion Quadre proposes a discounted price for the purchase of the bottles:
Nicolas Joly, Coulèe de Serrant 1996: € 140,00
Domaine Huet, Clos du Bourg 1998: € 55,00

merenda sinoira
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