On Sunday, December 1st at 1 PM we shall await you for Quadre’s traditional mid-autumn “polentata” — a polenta-based lunch.

From Alte Farine Cercernasco the “Pignoletto rosso” and “Pignoletto giallo” flours we will prepare your polenta with.

From Caseificio Garrone the cheeses, among which the mythical “Fior di Prato” Gorgonzola.

With these ingredients we will prepare polenta with sausage red sauce and polenta “concia” (with molten cheese!), all accompanied by the Spanish wines from our cellar.

The cost: Polenta with sausage sauce + polenta with cheese, a bottle of wine every two persons, at EUR 25.00 per person. Water and coffee included.

Reservations appreciated: write or call us.

Naturally, at Quadre, in via Perugia 41, Turin.


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