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Welcome Book! Italian booksellers come back home. On the event of the Salone Internazionale del Libro, the Italian booksellers who own bookstores overseas come back to Italy. We wish to welcome them back, giving them the starring role in a special evening.

On Thursday, May 10, from 8 to 11 PM, Quadre and Teste di Medusa propose a four-course dinner at EUR 25. Between a glass of wine and a plate, we will listen to the guests’ tales about their bookstores… and we will get some good reading advice.

The guests:

Silvia Libri Italiani Vienna‘s Silvia Chiarini
– ARCA Libreria Biblioteca Italiana‘s Enrica Gnocchi (Graz)
– Loriana Ursich of “Libreria Antico Caffè San Marco di Trieste”, and the founder Triestebookfest
Piolalibri Bruxelles‘s Jacopo Panizza
– ItalLIBRI – Italienische Buchhandlung – Italian Bookstore München‘s Elisabetta Cavani Halling

Reservation required: contact Teste di Medusa directly.

Naturally, at Quadre, in via Perugia 41, Turin.

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